How To Register?

  1. Download, install and open Market Data Provider Application.
  2. Tap "Register New Account" at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Fill in all the required information for registration. Please check subscription plan below.
    Please remember the mobile phone no and password since it will be required during login.
  4. Tap "Register New Account" button.
  5. Upon successful registration of your account, we will process your registration and inform you after activation of your account via phone call or SMS.
    If you need help for account registration, please feel free to contact us at +959458046103 or +959262302110.

Subscription Plan

There are two subscription plan:
  1. Member (4,000 Ks. Per Month)
  2. Non Member (7,000 Ks. Per Month)
* Members required to show member card to get your account activated after registration.

Monthly fee can be paid:

  1. Transfer to our KBZ bank account 16010316000124901
  2. Transfer to our CB bank account 0087100500000213
  3. Cash at Ba Yint Naung Commodity Exchange
  4. Cash at our headquarters (No. 244, 2nd Floor, Room No. R24, Seik Khan Tar Street (Upper Block), Kyauktada Township, Yangon)

Once we receive monthly fee for your account, we will activate your account and inform you via phone call or SMS.

If you have any query or question, kindly contact us at +959458046103 or +959262302110.

Our Products

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Phone No: +959458046103 or +959262302110
Email : contactus@advent-soft.com

Market Data Provider

Constantly growing economy in Myanmar made the business more challenging and competitive. In order to have advantage in the market, the price figures have been playing important role, i.e., knowing the real-time prices will make your business movement more thrilling and can direct your business to be more fruitful and profitable. This mobile application is mainly intended for the merchants to provide real time prices from various markets, such as commodity, gold, currency and stock prices, etc. to support your business movement and direction.

Followings are core features supported by this system:

Provide real time prices from various market, especially bean, gold, currency and stock market

Show price changes with chart for intra day prices up to 6 months

Show price history for the merchant to analyse the market

Provide up to date news that is happening in the market

Phone No : +959262302110
Email : contactus@advent-soft.com

Tour Management System

With economy bombing of Myanmar, many people from foreign countries visit to attractive places and some are here to find business opportunities. Hence, tourism business is one of most popular business in Myanmar. Here, AdventSoft introduces Tour management system to solve complex business problems in managing of tour packages, customer and suppliers (business partners) according to business needs.

Followings are core features supported by this system:

Preparation and management of tour packages and itineraries

Customer reservation on tour packages

Manage supplier information and reservations

Support multiple currencies

Invoicing and Payment processing

Reporting for tour packages sales, customer trends and recommendation, analysis on periodic sales and suppliers bookings, etc.

playstore download from website
Phone No: +959262302110
Email : contactus@advent-soft.com


Nowadays, quite a number of shopping malls popping up here and there with economy bombing of Myanmar. As such, shoppers have a lot of choices to purchase the things that they want. However, physically visiting various shopping malls is time consuming and tedious for the shoppers. Hence, AdventSoft introduced mobile application to provide shop and promotion information from various shopping malls.

Followings are core features of AdventShop Mobile App:

Provide shopping mall contact information, address and opening hours

Provide shop information and location from each shopping mall

Provide promotion and event information from various shops and shopping malls

Search nearby promotions, events, shops and shopping malls

Phone No : +959262302110
Email : contactus@advent-soft.com

Restaurant Management System

This system is a Web-based solution, which is designed to run on both desktops and mobile tablets inside wireless network. With this application, users can record, track and serve orders from customers efficiently and improve order serving time to customers. Moreover, using of mobile tablets for order recording and notification of ready orders save paper work and manual monitoring time for customers' orders.

Followings are keys features included in this system:

Support orders to multiple kitchens and waiters can send orders from customers directly to respective kitchens using mobile tablets

Managers can track order time, ready time and delivery time for each order and from there delay orders can be identified

Notifications of ready orders to waiter's mobile tablets to reduce manual checking of orders

Various reports for daily orders, order processing time, waiter performance and ingredient balances etc.